No E-Mail Client in Windows 7? Where’s Windows Mail or Outlook Express?

So, you’ve just installed Windows 7 and go to add your e-mail account. You go to Start, and look for Mail – it’s not there. You look in All Programs – same story, it’s not there, it’s “missing” – so, what do you do?

Microsoft have removed the default e-mail client found in Vista, Windows Mail, from Windows 7 – no longer is it installed by default. But what if you need to check that POP3 or IMAP account? Well, you have to install a client manually.

If you’ve been used to Outlook Express in Windows XP or Windows Mail in Vista, you’ll probably be most comfortable with “Windows Live Mail“. This application is part of the Microsoft Live set of applications, which also includes Messenger. You can download Windows Live Mail here:

Once you download the package, select the applications you want, and let them install. After a short while of downloading and installing, you’ll now have Windows Live Mail installed, ready for your e-mail account!