iPhone Apps Not Launching? Do they Open and then Close Instantly?

Have you been happily using all of your third party apps from the AppStore for ages, and then, one day, none of them load?

We’ve all had applications which seem to start loading then close instantly.. but what if they are all doing it?  The default Apple applications work fine, but your downloaded ones don’t.

I’ve seen this on a couple of iPhone’s now, and the standard “turn it off and on again” doesn’t seem to work, nor does doing a soft reset by holding the Home and Power button.  However, there is hope, and this has worked both times for me:

Go to the AppStore, download any application you want, free or paid for.  It doesn’t matter; I’ve downloaded whatever was first in the Top Free section on both occasions.  Let it download and install, and, once that is complete, you’ll probably find that all of your other apps start working too.

If this works, then awesome… if it doesn’t work, then, at least you’ve tried!  I tried this out of pure luck the first time, and it’s now worked twice for me.

If you come across this problem, and the above has worked for you, let me know in the comments below!

37 replies on “iPhone Apps Not Launching? Do they Open and then Close Instantly?”

  1. Thank you, this solution worked for me.

    Note that this problem occurred right after I synchronized and updated my firmware.

  2. thank you so much! But will it be doing this all the time or is it just a one off??!

  3. It worked great for me. Thanks a bunch. I also tried the soft reset and turn off turn on before nothing happened, but your method worked instantly

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