Google Chrome OS – The Next Big Thing?

With the announcement from Google that they will start developing an operating system, which initially focuses on Netbooks but eventually spreads out from that, the whole internet started talking about it and what it could mean for the future of computing.

There are lots of details yet to be released, but the OS will leverage online content and applications, and bring them to the desktop.  No longer do you open an Office package, or a chat application on your local PC – you’d be using Google Docs online to create that letter or Google Talk to talk to your friends – and I guess if you don’t want to use Google Apps, someone, somewhere, will need to create web-based alternatives – Microsoft Office 2012 Web Edition anyone?
As soon as more details become available, I’ll let you know!

What does this mean to Windows?  What does it mean to Linux distributions, especially as this will be opensource?  How about Mac OS X?  Do developers and users need to change the way they look at things? Is everything we do in 10 years going to be online?  Interesting times to come!  Let me know your thoughts.

You can also see the blog post from Google announcing Google Chrome OS:

Mashable has an article including some questions we need to know the answer to:

If this takes off, and lets face it, it probably will, it looks like I’ll be creating a new post tag soon  on with Google Chrome OS tips pretty soon!