Vim Text Editor: Guides on how to use it

New users to Linux or BSD, will have no doubt come across Vim (or at least Vi). Vim is “Vi IMproved” – it’s simply an extended Vi.

You’ll have probably had times when you need to do something very simple, such as Cut and Paste, and not been able to, just because you don’t know how.  You’ve also then resorted to using the window manager cut and paste, and relying on that (which does work, but isn’t very “Vim”!)

I use Vim a lot, yet I still only use some very very basic commands, which isn’t ideal, nor is it very productive, although I do get by.

I, probably like you, want to learn how to use Vim properly, so went in search for some good help.

@peteog pointed me towards a couple of resources, that after looking at them, seem extremely good and easy to follow.  I’ve certainly started using some of the things on them.

The first resource is “Vim Recipes” found here:  Vim Recipes is an online cookbook, and of course, a free resource.  I highly recommend you go through the book online, or download the PDF.

The second resource, which may even find it’s way into a frame and on my wall, is: – this is a great piece of reference material you can have nearby, so whilst you’re using Vim, you can have a quick glance over if you need a particular feature.

Hopefully with those two resources, we’ll be well on our way to being better Vim users!  Please let me know in the comments of any other good resources you may have or have used in the past!

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  1. Vim is an excellent text editor. It’s the only editor that I ever use. I would recommend that everybody use it.

    At first it’s hard memorizing everything, but once you’ve learned the basics, everything gets much faster.

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