Taking a Screenshot in OSX

Wondering where that Print Screen button is you’re used too? ¬†Well, it’s not available on a Mac – instead, there is a key combination to take a screenshot (remember to press all buttons at the same time in this order!):

Full Screenshot

Apple/cmd + Shift + 3

The file will then be put onto your desktop with the name “Picture (number)”

Single Window/Area Shot

Apple/cmd + Shift + 4 (See notes below)

This will allow you to select, using the mouse, the area you want to take a screenshot of (just click the mouse and drag the area you want) or, if you press the spacebar straight after (So Apple/cmd + Shift + 4, release these keys then press spacebar – you’ll see the mouse cursor change to a camera) , you can click the window you want an image of. Again, the image file will be placed on the desktop with the name “Picture (number)”.

Both of these methods simply create an image file on the desktop – it doesn’t place the image onto the clipboard like you may be used to in Microsoft Windows.