Microsoft Hyper-V: “msvm_virtualsystemsettingdata Object was not found” Error

Today I installed Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V, to run a few test VMs on.

When installing Hyper-V, it warned me that it was a pre-release version, and that it needed an update.  I did a Windows Update, to get all of the other updates, but it didn’t seem to upgrade Hyper-V.

I didn’t install the Hyper-V update to start with, but when I tried to create any virtual machine, it errored with: “msvm_virtualsystemsettingdata object was not found“.  It could also not create any virtual networks.

The fix for this was to install the final update for Hyper-V, to bring it up to a production-safe release.  You can download the update here:  Please read all of the notes on kb950050 before installing it onto your server, though!

So, if you’re having trouble with Hyper-V, maybe you’re on pre-release code, too!