Ignore ALL DCC from anyone on IRC in irssi

During the last few months, I’ve been waking up to mass floods of DCC SEND from bots/people trying to exploit random clients into accepting a file over IRC.

I use irssi for connecting to IRC – it’s an extremely configurable text based client, so I wanted a way to just ignore these DCC requests – I’ve never, ever used DCC in the 11 years I’ve used IRC, and, well, I can’t see myself starting either… so I might as well just ignore them all.

To ignore all DCC commands from anyone (*!*@*), simply type:

/ignore * DCC

And you should receive the message:

(11:24:00) Ignoring DCC from *

What this will do is ignore any DCC from anyone – you just won’t see the request coming in, which makes for a much tidier status window/channel window when someone starts getting a bit silly on IRC!

You may find that this command works in other IRC clients too – it’s a pretty standard feature, but exact syntax may vary.

You can also have exceptions if you want certain nick and hostmasks to be able to still send DCC (from your trusted sources).  More information is available here: http://static.quadpoint.org/irssi-docs/help-full.html#IGNORE