How do you “Show Desktop” in Windows 7?

With no Quick Launch bar enabled by default, how do you show the desktop in Windows 7?

Well, there are two ways – one using the mouse, and one using a keyboard shortcut.

The Windows Shortcut is “Windows Key + D” – so if you press those two, then you’ll get to see the desktop.

The other way, is using the Taskbar button.  This has now moved, but you’ll see it at the far right of the bar:

Show Desktop Button on the Windows 7 Taskbar
Show Desktop Button on the Windows 7 Taskbar

There are two ways to use this button – one is the usual way of clicking it, and all windows will minimise.  The other way, is if you simply hover over the button, and you’ll see the desktop – if you move the mouse away, all of the windows will return.  This is called “Peek at desktop”, incase you just want to see the desktop but not actually minimise any applications.  You can also “Peek at desktop” using the keyboard shortcut above, by simply pressing “Windows Key + D” again, straight after you’ve minimised them all.