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Installing the Telnet Client on Windows 2008 using a Command Prompt

Like Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the Telnet client isn’t installed by default.

In Windows Server 2008, you can install it via the Server Manager GUI tool, but it is often quicker to install it via a command prompt/terminal.

So, open a cmd.exe session and run the following:

servermanagercmd -install telnet-client

And that’s it – once the command has completed, telnet.exe will be available from a command prompt.

What is Aero Glass Remoting? Terminal Server Aero Glass? (Windows Server 2008 R2)

What is Aero Glass Remoting?

Can I use Aero Glass on a remote Terminal Services/Remote Desktop session?

Well, with Windows Server 2008 R2, Yes you can!

It’s basically replicating the user experience you get locally of Aero Glass, on remote sessions.  It may be useful for task switching etc. Check the guide out below: