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“Ping Hostname” Returning an IPv6 Address Instead of IPv4? (Windows)

On Windows based PCs and Servers, and where IPv6 is enabled on one of the network adapters, you may find that when you do a:

ping name-of-host

… you get an IPv6 address returned in the results.  But what if you want to test IPv4 connectivity?  You can add a -4 switch to the ping command to force it to use IPv4 as follows:

ping -4 name-of-host

Ping will now ping the IPv4 address as opposed to the IPv6.

It’s worth noting, that if you do want to test for IPv6 connectivity, you can add a -6 switch to force that:

ping -6 name-of-host

When Did You Last Reboot Your Microsoft Windows 7 Machine? (Check Uptime)

Finding out when you last rebooted your Windows 7 machine can be completed using the “systeminfo” command.

Open a Command Prompt by going to Start and opening “cmd”. You will then be presented with a command prompt window, where you need to type the systeminfo command below:

C:\> systeminfo | find "System Boot Time"
System Boot Time:          05/06/2010, 12:55:07

You will then be shown the date and time the server was booted (as seen in the example above).

You can just run “systeminfo” on it’s own (with no ‘| find “System Boot Time”‘), and you will be presented with a lot of other information such as Hotfixes, Network Connections, etc.